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廣泛應用于:炭滑板應用于礦山機車用炭滑板,電力機車用炭滑板,浸金屬炭滑板,用于電力機車、地鐵機車、 礦山機車

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Notice:Former North graphite factory in Harbin City, now known as the Harbin North graphite Ltd.


  Since the graphite material high temperature, oxidation, acid, easy processing, as well as excellent high temperature strength, hardness and other performance characteristics, so that the graphite mold was applied to almost all industrial high-temperature molding, and acid and alkali and other adverse conditions field, if the color and black foundry industry, glass industry, electronic industry, the photovoltaic industry, rare earth smelting industries. The main graphite mold has been widely applied in the following areas:

  Non-ferrous metals and semi-continuous casting and continuous casting graphite mold

  In recent years, at home and abroad are promoting directly from molten metal state continuous (or semi-continuous) bar or tube manufacturing and other advanced production methods. In terms of domestic copper, copper alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloys, etc., we have begun to adopt this method. Artificial graphite as a non-ferrous metal continuous casting or semi-continuous casting mold is considered the most suitable material. Practice has proved that the production, the use of a graphite mold, because of its good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity determines the solidification rate of the metal or alloy), and other self-lubricating properties of the mold good factor, not only mold faster, and because of the size of the ingot precise, smooth surface, uniform crystal structure, can be directly processed under the procedures. This not only greatly improve the yield, reduces scrap loss, and product quality has greatly improved.

  Continuous casting method has vertical continuous casting and horizontal continuous casting two kinds of methods.

  Pressure casting molds

  Artificial graphite materials have been successfully used on non-ferrous metals pressure casting. For example, pressure die casting production of zinc alloy and copper alloy castings artificial graphite material has been used for automobile parts and so on.

  Centrifugal casting graphite mold

  Graphite mold has been successfully used on centrifugal casting. The United States has adopted a wall thickness of 25 mm or more of artificial graphite mold for centrifugally cast bronze casing. In order to prevent burning of artificial graphite mold, oxidation can take certain measures. After casting a number of castings, if found burning inside surface of the mold, the mold can be the size of the hole in order to expand the casting of large-sized casing.

  Hot stamper

  Pressure sintering of artificial graphite die for hot carbide has the following characteristics: First, when pressed if the temperature is raised to 1350-1450 degrees, the pressure can be reduced to the desired unit 67-100 kgf / cm (that is cold pressure 1/10) can be; the second is pressurized and heated in the same procedure carried out by firing a short time will be able to obtain a dense sintered body.

  Glass molding die

  Since the stone graphite material is chemically stable, less susceptible to infiltration of molten glass, it does not change the composition of the glass, graphite thermal shock good performance, small size and other characteristics with temperature changes, so in recent years has become indispensable in the manufacture of glass mold material, can be used to manufacture the glass tube, pipe, and other kinds of special glass funnel mold.

  Sintering mold and other

  The use of artificial graphite material minimal heat distortion characteristics of the transistor can be manufactured molds and sintering stent, is now widely used, it has become indispensable to the development of the semiconductor industry materials. In addition, the graphite mold also used in cast iron mold, all kinds of non-ferrous metal with the durability of the mold, the mold for molten steel, heat-resistant metal (titanium, zirconium, molybdenum, etc.) with the cast and welded rails with aluminum type of heat welding mold and so on.

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